Rocktoberfest XXII: Avatar the Last Elements

WE HAD A CONCERT! Stay tuned for concert videos from our Avatar-themed Rocktoberfest held on November 6th, 2021 at Statler Auditorium. Check out our YouTube channel!

About Us, the Elements

The Key Elements was founded in 1989 as Cornell's first and only rock and roll a cappella group. Our roots are in rock and roll, but our sound continually evolves to feature every genre. Recent concerts have included artists such as Styx, Glass Animals, Hozier, Kehlani, and Ariana Grande.

We are unparalleled in energy and musical range. Our diverse sound makes for always exciting and edgy performances each semester, and without fail. Our unequivocal focus is making good music and loving those we make it with.
Check out our concert videos on YouTube and our most recent EPs Ignite and KE-Ovid on Spotify!


The Key Elements will be holding auditions this Spring '22! All we ask is that you prepare a verse and chorus of a song that shows off your range and tone!
Check back here for audition dates, times, and locations. CU soon <3

Our Music

Above are videos of our virtual and live performances on our YouTube channel, and be sure to click below to listen to our latest recorded EPs Ignite and KE-Ovid on Spotify!




Jane "Jam" Lim
Bumbling her way through life. Overuses exclamation points in her emails. Working on it!

Musical Director

Jeff "Nandemic" Nan
Jeff is currently hibernating and will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

Vice President

Rhea "Egg" Sinha
Rhea once competed on Jeopardy and hopes to one day achieve the same high by performing with her beloved Key Elements.


Helen "Melon" Yang
Part of the Lambily ❤️


Anna "Overwhelmed" Siegel
Anna has a plethora of nicknames inspired by Dr. Seuss books, none of which will be shared because they overwhelm her.


Sara "Comedy Queen" Mills
Chav checkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Heather "Lab Mom" Smith
Heather loves hanging out and singing with everyone in the group. Nothing would make her happier than singing at date nights and hopefully one day singing in a concert. She also brings her dog she's training for Guiding Eyes for the Blind around everywhere!


Rory "Landslide" Williams
There are myths... there are legends... and then there’s Rory.


Abby "The Freshman" Schulman
seeking more freshman. please join ke.


Sean "loves" Yu


Rachel "Mochi" Moon
Rachel thinks being shaped like a circle is a personality trait.


  • Aaron S. Rubin
    Aarik Ibanez
    Adam Jackman
    Albert Monina
    Alex Grey
    Alex Springer
    Alexander (Alex) Cha
    Allison Fritts-Penniman
    Amanda Mikesell
    Ann Zhao
    Anna Castro Caffarelli
    Anne Wormalot
    Anson Mayers
    Arielle Ray
    Ben Herbert
    Ben Slovis
    Benjamin Wadowski
    Brendan Coyle
    Brennan Cumming
    Brian Kreiswirth
    Bryce Neserella
    Cassidy Molina
  • Cassie Bigelow
    Chris Frank
    Chris Lee
    Chris Versfelt
    Chrissy Coyle
    Christina Masco
    Claire Song
    Clara Eizayaga
    Coco Heitmann
    Dan McGovern
    Danielle Nelson
    Daven Roshan
    David Anderson
    David Yarmchuk
    Debby GuDiego Ricaurte
    Edem Dzodzomenyo
    Elizabeth Geuss
    Emily Gustafson
    Emma Eaton
    Eunice Lee
    Faith Wu
    Grace Traore
  • Greg Manz
    Harold Zable (ne Zatz)
    Irin Kim
    Izumi Matsuda
    Jackie Sutton
    Jacob Hurst
    Janie Walter
    Jared Valentin
    Jeremy Coyle
    Jonji Mendez
    Joonyoung Hwang
    Justin Huyck
    Justin Meli
    Kajsa Dalrymple
    Laura (Schultz) Rog
    Lauren Dachille
    Lenny Rubin
    Lou Levine
    Lynne Morgan
    Mandi White-Ajmani
    Marc Aquino
    Mark Detwiler
  • Mary Helen Immordino
    Matt Zambelli
    Max Alaghband
    Maya Durham
    Michael Spanier
    Michelle Carfagno
    Michelle Florentine
    Mike Stevens
    Mikey Linnetz
    Mill Brown
    Katie Brown
    Mitch Laski
    Nathaniel LaCelle-Peterson
    Omer Kayhan
    Padma Krishnan
    Preeti Phanse
    Randi Rotjan
    Samara Levy
    Sarah Cabell
    Sarah Lindauer
    Sesha Kamula
    Veronica Palumbo
    Yabework Abebe


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